The Australian Open is a cultural icon. We love coming together and cheering on our favourite players.

Climate change has dramatically transformed our summers. With record breaking temperatures and extreme heat waves, summer is angrier than ever.

These unprecedented events are making conditions unbearable for the players. Only real climate action will protect the game we all know and love, the Australian people and our way of life.

Join us, and tell our government that we need climate action to protect iconic sporting events like the Australian Open.


Lazy days on the beach, Queensland mangoes, barbeques and watching the tennis with our mates: Australian summers were a time to be envied.

But the Australian lifestyle will never be the same.

Our summers are changing.

Raging fire infernos have forced holidaying families to evacuate and music festivals to be cancelled. Hazardous smoke has choked towns and cities. Dangerous heat waves have prevented us from leaving our homes.

This is not normal.

This is climate change.

Now the climate crisis threatens another cherished summer tradition:

The Australian Open.

Conditions were unbearable and exposed players to high risks of heat illness. Tennis Australia were forced to introduce stricter heat policies.

As temperatures continue to rise and Australia stares down the barrel of unprecedented summers, the Australian Open – along with so many of the things we hold dear – may become unrecognisable.

Real climate action is our only option for protecting summer sport as we know it. We can convince the government to save the Australian Open but we need all of our voices.



As volunteer firefighters battle furious blazes, sports stars sweat through during extreme weather and Australians suffer through increasingly dangerous summers, your voice is more important than ever.